The Top 5 Fall Fashions For Home Décor

Heirloom Lace Tablecloth and Place Mat by Heritage Lace

There is usually a subtle connection between design and fashion, and fall 2014 proves to be no exception. Much of what we see on the runway has been translated into the latest home décor. The following are 5 fall fashion trends that will look great in . . . → Read More: The Top 5 Fall Fashions For Home Décor

Furniture To Accent Your Home

Boomerang Dark Brown Oval 18″ Podium Table

Before running to your local downtown furniture store to find the perfect home furnishings to accent your home, check out our collection of accent tables and furniture pieces. Accent tables, unique bar stools and awesome breakfast bar tables, are just a few items you can find in our . . . → Read More: Furniture To Accent Your Home

5 Ways To Add Color To Your Home

Looking to add color to your neutral beige toned rooms and white walls? Often times, we pair our major furnishings and wall colors to neutral tones, to avoid overwhelming the interior of our homes with too much color. Also, with home décor trends changing annually, committing to painting a room, say red or turquoise, can . . . → Read More: 5 Ways To Add Color To Your Home

3 Benefits To Choosing Decorative Pillows

Designing the interior of your house helps to create the warmth of a home. Home décor shopping can be both exciting and overwhelming, as you decide what pieces to purchase to pull your rooms interior theme together. Options are limitless with: furniture pieces, picture frames, candle holders, linens and decorative wall art and tapestries. One . . . → Read More: 3 Benefits To Choosing Decorative Pillows

Creating A Retro-Contemporary Room Decor

Are you looking to add some pizzazz and flair to your homes decor? A fun way to do that is by adding retro- contemporary pieces to a room, or even creating an entire room themed with this decorum. Contemporary-retro furnishings and accessories combine a modern styling to those retro sixties and seventies throwbacks that are . . . → Read More: Creating A Retro-Contemporary Room Decor

KidsKrafts Fun Furnishings

When decorating your kids bedroom, there are several essential furniture pieces that make the room together. Of course, there are the staple pieces, such as the bed and dresser; however there are other factors to take into consideration in addition to sleep accommodations and wardrobe keepings. Check out our kid furniture shop for several fun . . . → Read More: KidsKrafts Fun Furnishings

Off To College- 3 Dorm Room Needs

Sending your graduate off to college is both a time of anxiety and sadness, watching your baby go off on their own, and excitement and pride as you are able to see them growing into successful adults. Make sure to send them off with college dorm room needs, so once they are there, they are . . . → Read More: Off To College- 3 Dorm Room Needs

3 Steps To Putting Your Bathroom Together

When putting your bathroom together, there are several factors to take into consideration. Do you have a stand up shower or a vintage bath tub? Is your bathroom large or small? Is there a window and how is the lighting? Different styles cater to different decorum options. Here are three steps to putting your bathroom . . . → Read More: 3 Steps To Putting Your Bathroom Together

3 Decorative Touches For Your Outdoors

Home design and décor is not only an art for the interior aspect of your home. Finding decorative pieces for accenting your yard and surrounding outdoors, can be another fun way to express your creative ingenuity and unique style. Consider these three touches for decorating your outdoors.



A decorative is a great way . . . → Read More: 3 Decorative Touches For Your Outdoors

Decorate With Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey isn’t just a critically acclaimed Golden Globe and Emmy award winning, British costume drama series; it’s also a collection of home décor items catering to that British flare and design. The collection features selections in linens, bedding, window treatments, wall art and decorative throw pillows. In fact, for the ultimate Downton Abbey fans, . . . → Read More: Decorate With Downton Abbey