Nine Must-Have Bathroom Gadgets

Which room do you use the most in your home? If it’s the bathroom, then you need nine bathroom gadgets. They improve the quality of your grooming experience, add style to the room and meet all your practical needs.

1. Corner Shower Shelf

Most showers offer minimal space to store soap, body wash and shampoo. With a Corner Shower Shelf, you keep your bath supplies tidy and close at hand. Plus, it suctions to the wall and is easy to move if you need to switch it to another corner or want to use it by the sink instead of in the shower.

2. Cosmetics Organizer

Stop fighting with your cosmetics in the morning. Instead, organize everything in the white Cosmetics Organizer. It sorts everything from makeup and brushes to deodorant and perfume, and it takes up minimal space on your bathroom countertop or wall shelf.

3. Dispenser System

Save money on body wash and shampoo when you buy in bulk. Then, use a single pump from the Dispenser System to deliver exactly the amount of product you need. Using this gadget is so much fun that you’ll want to shower several times a day. It’s easy enough for your kids to use too.

4. Faux Leather Wastebasket with Pedal

Boring bathroom trash cans are a thing of the past when you dress up the space with the Faux Leather Wastebasket with Pedal. It hides your trash and meets your style needs.

5. Light Up Suction Mirror

Rather than squinting into the mirror when you want to shape your moustache, tweeze your eyebrows or fix your hair, use the Light Up Suction Mirror. It attaches to any smooth surface, including your shower, and won’t fog up. It’s also portable and goes with you on leisure or business trips.

6. Over the Tank Magazine Rack

If good reading material is a must in your bathroom, store magazines and books in a rack that fits over your toilet’s tank. The Over the Tank Magazine Rack installs with ease and looks sharp with its stainless steel finish.

7. Spa Pillow

When you can’t visit the spa, create your own spa experience at home. Fill the tub with warm water and bubbles, then sit back and truly enjoy the experience thanks to a cushioning Spa Pillow. When you’re finished bathing, hang it to dry until you’re ready to indulge in another relaxing bath.

8. Suction Assist Handle

Bathrooms can be dangerous. Prevent slips and falls with the Suction Assist Handle. It goes with you as you travel too and makes the perfect gift for others.

9. Swivel Vanity Chair

Shave your face, do your makeup and fix your hair in style as you lounge on a Swivel Vanity Chair. It offers comfort and makes a fashion statement in your bathroom. With it, you feel luxurious and look great too.

You need to use the bathroom multiple times a day. Why not make it an enjoyable experience? Nine bathroom gadgets improve the style and function of this room. Which one will you try first?


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