Weekly Roundup: Elle Decor’s Top Kitchen Trend for 2014

Elle Decor has defined the top decorating trends for 2014, and first on the list is jeweled kitchens. These warm rooms have long been the heart of the home, but today’s styling gives them a richness like never before. Pick and choose between design elements, or go all out with a complete jewel box makeover.


Gone are the common wood grains and basic white paint jobs on traditional kitchen cabinets. A striking jeweled makeover on kitchen cabinets makes the most striking impact out of any element you might choose. Designers are giving these storage shelves deep, rich coats in ruby, emerald, sapphire, and even amethyst, with multiple coats and glossy finishes. The doors are finished with gleaming brass hardware, reminiscent of jewelry box hinges.


Stainless is out and copper and brass are in. The reds and golds of these newer metals give sinks and faucets a richer, warmer look, and make basic stainless fixtures look thin and cold in comparison. The copper and brass coloring is being carried over onto the backsplash, with plain sheets of metal behind the sink, stove, and work areas.

Counter Tops

A number of companies have created complex materials for counter tops that look like jeweled surfaces. Imagine a kitchen counter that looks like a slice through a geode, or like a collection of cobalt blue agates set into the surface. Marble looks in rich blue, green, or black also fit the bill, giving counter tops an expensive look that’s simple to care for.


One surprising development in floor covering now is glass floor tiles for kitchens. Unlike shiny tiles popular for bathroom installations, kitchen floor tiles made of glass have been specially made with a deep, rich color, along with an etched surface that gives a translucent look. This etching not only eliminates the problem of the glass being scratched from furniture and dropped items, it also makes the surface slightly rough and less likely to be slippery, even when it’s wet.

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