Benefits of Adding Outdoor Curtains to Your Gazebo


The simple addition of outdoor curtains can literally transform your gazebo into a desert oasis, a tropical hut, a private escape, or your very own little slice of paradise in the middle of a large city. The sky, well the gazebo ceiling, is the limit and the right fabric sets the stage.

Fabric choices come in a wide range of colors and designs. Knowing your overall goal and use for your gazebo will make it easy for you to select the appropriate style of fabric from sheer, semi-sheer, solid color curtains, patterned curtains, and more.

The key is to make a point of selecting durable fabrics designed for outdoor use. These fabrics will resist mildew, stand up to UV rays, and weather the wind, rain, and other treasures Mother Nature throws its way without fading or shredding. Consider these benefits of adding curtains to your gazebo before you make your fabric choice.

Provides Privacy

Privacy is a premium these days. If privacy is your goal, steer away from sheer fabrics, and choose semi-sheer or solid fabric outdoor curtains instead.  What better way to have a romantic picnic or a simple moment away from private eyes in your own gazebo encased in luxurious outdoor curtains.

Deflects the Elements

Whether you’re hoping to get away from the sun’s harshest UV rays or enjoy front row seats to a downpour without getting soaked, gazebo curtains allow you the experience of nature without some of its drawbacks. Outdoor panels for your gazebo help you to enjoy your moment in the sun without walking away redder than a lobster and sing in the rain without getting wet! And when you choose curtains that are specifically meant for the outdoors, they are resistant to fading and water repellant.

Creates Atmosphere

Whether romance is the story of the day or you’re trying to recreate a specific location or historical event in your garden, curtains are the ideal tool for carrying out that theme. Create an exotic desert oasis or recreate your tropical honeymoon with breezy sheer curtains, plants, candles, and pillows. You’re only bound by your own imaginations.

Hides Unsightly Views

Nothing detracts from your enjoyment of your gazebo faster than looking around at the reality surrounding it — if there are unsightly views nearby.  Whether it’s your neighbor’s jalopy, the area on your home that needs painting, or the pile of kids toys littering your lawn, these things rob you of the joy of your gazebo. Use beautiful solid curtains to hide them from sight.

Brings Indoor Home Living Outdoors

Outdoor curtains add a sense of luxury, tradition, and intimacy that makes practically any outdoor space feel like home. Add a few comfortable sitting pieces and you’ve essentially connected inside living with home living outdoors.

Your outdoor space is an extension of your living space, and your gazebo is your little oasis from the world. The right outdoor curtains can transform it into so much more.


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