Weekly Roundup: Painting and Decorating Expo:

It is time for another weekly wrap up where we share what’s on the radar right now in the world of home décor. This week we will cover the upcoming Painting and Decorating Expo, the season’s hot color—pink and looking to yard sales for design inspiration.

In industry news, The Painting and Decorating Expo is coming—and very soon! Mark your calendars for March 12th through the 15th, and if you are in or near Reno, NV, perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to visit. For those who aren’t close enough to attend in person, the website is sure to provide updates with the “big news.” This annual event is an excellent way for those in the industry to catch up with the news and attend the over 40 classes and speakers that will be part of the event.

In the world of fashion, spring is when the new, hot colors are unveiled. This spring, the hot color on the runway is pink. While it may seem more at home on a sweater or skirt, pink can look great in décor too. Consider pairing a splash of pink with browns, greys or other neutrals for something whimsical but not too “out there.” For those who are already fans of the shade, expect to see more pink décor on the store shelves than ever before.

Finally, for those with an eye for bargains, spring means one thing—yard sales. While shabby chic may not be quite the hot trend it once was, adding a vintage piece in an unexpected place is always a great way to show off your personal style. If you are into DIY and crafts, yard sales are excellent places to pick up craft supplies too—often at a significant discount.

As you begin to thaw out from the polar vortex, it’s time to reflect on what spring means to you. For many, it’s a time of “rebirth. Allow this rebirth to extend to your home decorating too! As you start your spring cleaning, it’s time to go out with the old and in with the new. Don’t become stuck in a rut; let spring inspire you to try something new—and perhaps pink!

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