Creative Decorating Ideas: Sports-Themed Bedroom

If you’re planning a sports-themed bedroom for your child or teen, you can go the traditional route and find sports bedding and a few matching accessories, or you can go a bit further with some creative touches that will knock your look out of the park.

Little details go a long way in completing a theme look. The sports theme offers all kinds of opportunities for fun decorating ideas:

At The Windows
Forget traditional curtain rods for hanging curtains and soft shades—try using sports equipment. If you have a hockey theme, try hockey sticks. For baseball, bats; and for lacrosse, lacrosse sticks. Tie back those curtains with lanyards with referee whistles attached.

Create a hockey net or football goal headboard with PVC pipe. Another idea is to arrange baseball bats, hockey sticks or other equipment on the wall directly over the bed to create a headboard. You could use a piece of wire fencing as a headboard and hang sports equipment from it.

On The Walls
Add some pizzazz to the walls with decals. Look for life-size professional players, football yard markers, basketball floor markers, or soccer field designs. If you can’t find decals, you can create the look with paint. Don’t forget to use the right background color on the walls. You’ll also want to include shelves to display things like awards, baseball balls and gloves, and other small treasures. Have favorite baseball or football cards custom-framed to hang up or set on a shelf.

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