Tips For Keeping Your Furniture Like New

Furniture’s expensive, so it’s important to do whatever you can to protect it from damage as well as from normal wear and tear. There are several simple things you can do to extend the life of your furniture and get the most out of your investment in your home.

Protect One of the most important things you . . . → Read More: Tips For Keeping Your Furniture Like New

Blending New Patio Furniture With Old

If you are trying to replace a piece of patio furniture but cannot find one that matches your current set, never fear. You can get your old furniture to blend with the new and create a great eclectic look.

You can opt to leave your old patio furniture in the same color, or you can paint it . . . → Read More: Blending New Patio Furniture With Old

One Patio Chair, Three Looks

No matter what style your patio furniture is, you can create many different looks just by changing a few things around. Outdoor cushions for chairs come in a vast array of colors, patterns and styles, giving you so many different decorating options. You can give an ordinary chair three very different looks just by changing the . . . → Read More: One Patio Chair, Three Looks

Make Your Patio Furniture Look Brand New

When fixing up your outdoor space, there are a couple of ways you can go. You can buy a brand new set of patio furniture or you can make the set you already have look better. Making the most of your current set just takes a bit of effort.

Your first step should be to assess your . . . → Read More: Make Your Patio Furniture Look Brand New

Setting Up Your First Kitchen

If you’re out on your own for the first time, you’ll learn that it’s cheaper to cook for yourself than to go out to eat every night. While you’re learning to cook, it’s a good idea to be sure that your kitchen is properly outfitted. There are some basics you’ll need to get you started on . . . → Read More: Setting Up Your First Kitchen

Decorating Your First Apartment

You have signed the lease on your very first apartment and now you’ve got a big, empty space to decorate. Whether you are starting from scratch or trying to combine donations from various family and friends with new and garage-sale items, there are tips and ideas that can help you find your way.

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Dining Room Chic

Dining rooms don’t have to be boring places with just a table and a few chairs. You can add some life to this space with just a bit of creativity and a little time. Here are some ideas to try for yourself:

Embellish things you already own. For example, you can dress up a plain lamp shade . . . → Read More: Dining Room Chic

Organize Your Kitchen

If there is anywhere in the house that it pays to be organized, it is the kitchen. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a particular ingredient and having to tear up the whole kitchen to find it. A well organized kitchen is a cook’s best friend. It’s even more important if you’re a bit challenged . . . → Read More: Organize Your Kitchen