Furniture To Accent Your Home

Boomerang Dark Brown Oval 18″ Podium Table

Before running to your local downtown furniture store to find the perfect home furnishings to accent your home, check out our collection of accent tables and furniture pieces. Accent tables, unique bar stools and awesome breakfast bar tables, are just a few items you can find in our . . . → Read More: Furniture To Accent Your Home

How to Select the Right Dining Décorum for Mealtime

While there is certainly more to a great meal than dining décorum, the tablecloth, placemats and other dining arrangements can make a big difference in the mealtime environment. Following are some tips on choosing the proper décorum for the dining room to ensure that mealtime is a relaxing, pleasant time for everyone.

Selecting a Tablecloth

Ideally, . . . → Read More: How to Select the Right Dining Décorum for Mealtime

How to Clean Rocking Chair Cushions

Whether your rocking chair is a central part of your living room decor or an added bit of comfort in your bedroom, wear and tear will eventually mean you have to remove and clean the rocking chair pads. Babies have accidents, children spill drinks and adults sit down in less-than-clean clothes. With this wide variety of . . . → Read More: How to Clean Rocking Chair Cushions

Why Wicker?

When you’re considering the different options available for your outdoor furniture, don’t rule out wicker too quickly. This versatile material is the workhorse of the patio decor world. No matter what style you prefer, chances are there is a wicker set out there that will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s VersatileWicker lends itself well . . . → Read More: Why Wicker?

Outdoor Furniture: What It’s Made Of

Patio furniture comes in a variety of materials and styles. Choosing the best type for you requires a little bit of research, as different materials need different care and have varied life spans. Here’s an overview of the common types of materials used in outdoor furnishings.

AluminumAluminum patio furniture is rust-resistant and very easy to clean. It’s . . . → Read More: Outdoor Furniture: What It’s Made Of

Choosing A Patio Set

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a set of patio furniture. This is a purchase that you would like to last for many summers to come, so selecting the right style and quality is important.

StyleStyle is usually the first thing we look at when we are choosing any furnishings, and patio . . . → Read More: Choosing A Patio Set

Looking For Chair Pads? Think Round

Have you considered round chair pads to enhance the comfort and looks of your chairs? These pads are as versatile as they are decorative. If you’d like to try something a bit different than your old square or rectangular chair pads, look into round.

There are many styles of chairs that have round seats, including the very . . . → Read More: Looking For Chair Pads? Think Round

Decorating With Chair Pads

Dining chair pads are a great, fast way to spruce up your dining room with minimal effort. Not only do chair pads add color and pattern to the room, they help provide comfortable seating for you, your family and your guests and they help hide the wear and tear that can be evident on older pieces of . . . → Read More: Decorating With Chair Pads

Rocking Chair Pads: The Basics

While rocking chairs can be fun and even relaxing to sit on, they are sometimes a bit hard on the back and legs, particularly if they are made of wood. A set of rocking chair pads can not only make rocking more comfortable, it can add a decorator touch to the chair and the room.

Choosing the . . . → Read More: Rocking Chair Pads: The Basics

The Advantages Of Chair Pads

You may not have considered adding pads to your chairs before, but there are some good reasons to do so. Kitchen chair pads have many advantages.

They’re ComfortableMany kitchen and dining room chairs are wood, which is beautiful but hard. When eating or socializing around the dining room or kitchen table, you want to be as comfortable . . . → Read More: The Advantages Of Chair Pads