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When decorating your kids bedroom, there are several essential furniture pieces that make the room together. Of course, there are the staple pieces, such as the bed and dresser; however there are other factors to take into consideration in addition to sleep accommodations and wardrobe keepings. Check out our kid furniture shop for several fun furnishings. Here are two of our popular KidsKraft Collections that are both adorable and fun.


Princess Girl Furniture

The princess collection is a timeless way to decorate your little princesses room. The pink is  fun, bright and traditional for decorating a girls room, without being overwhelming. There are three pieces to this collection so you can complete makeover your little girls room. The Princess Girls Toddler Cot is a baby doll pink with gold leaf details to bring out the royalty of this décor. To accompany the cot, this KidsKrafts Princess collection has a cute toddler table with matching pink and gold crown embellishments. Perhaps the most adorable piece in this collection is the Princess Girls Diva Table and Stool Set. It is a bedroom vanity set for your princess to style her hair and make her mirror- mirror on the wall inquiries. This collection is a great set to compliment with princess stencils on the wall and of course, your princesses name stenciled with a tiara above the bed is a must! Some fun decorative throw pillows to add to the royalty decorum on the bed is fun.


Firefighters Kids Fun Collection

Many little boys love fire trucks and their firefighting heroes. This fun Firefighters collection offers you a great way to showcase their passions and love in their bedrooms décor. The Fire Truck Toddler Cot is fire engine red with cute ladder cut outs on the side that also serve as guard rails for your little fire man. The Fire Hydrant Toddler Ta

ble is a great addition to the room. It has a shelf below, perfect for holding your hero’s favorite bedtime stories. The Firefighters Clothes Pole is absolutely adorable. It is topped with a bright yellow fireman helmet and has a Dalmatian puppy at its base.


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