How To Set The Table For Every Occasion

It’s time to set the table, but what are you setting it for? Is it a: holiday, family dinner, party, baby shower, or an intimate dinner date for two? These are all things to consider when setting the mood of your dining experience. Here are some helpful tips for selecting proper table decorum for your occasion.

Family Meal Time Table

For your everyday family meal time dining needs, linen tablecloths are a great base point for your table setting. There is a variety of patterns or solid colors to choose from and because they are durable and compatible with machine washing, they make care easy and affordable. Dress a solid colored linen with individual placemat settings to create a theme to your dining room such as: American flags for a patriotic July, Tuscany wine for a Tour de Italy, or Country Roosters for a farmhouse decorum. Add a decorative centerpiece or a fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers and ta-da, your table is set for dinner time.

Parties And Shower Tables

When hosting a party, baby or bridal shower, vinyl or plastic tablecloths fit your table setting needs. With a house full of people and most likely, kids, it is inevitable that you will encounter water rings, spills and other oopsy daisies. These tablecloths can be wiped up easily with a sponge, keeping your table fresh and clean throughout your hosted event; unlike a linen tablecloth which would need to be removed immediately and put into the wash or remain on the table displaying your guests dining mishaps. Sprinkle confetti that coordinates to your party or showers theme over your vinyl tablecloth for a fun addition to your table décor. Nothing says party like matching themed paper plates, cups and napkins and really after hosting a party, who want’s to do dishes? Invest in the throw away’s!

Intimate Dining Table

Whether you are having a date night with your spouse or planning an intimate dinner for a spousal protégé, set this table with love. A lace tablecloth or even a damask, is a more elegant base for your dining experience. This is a table that you most certainly want to ensure is set with linen napkins and your finer dinnerware. A floral centerpiece is fitting with romance and don’t forget the candles. Nothing speaks intimacy like a candlelit dinner for two. Taper candles are a traditional dining candle; however a bowl with rose petals, colored water and floating candles provides both a decorative centerpiece and candlelit romantic experience, that sets the mood for love.


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