5 Ways to Create a More Efficient Laundry Room.

Everyone has to do laundry and nearly everyone hates it. There’s no reason to make it more difficult than it needs to be with a messy or inefficient laundry room. Here are five easy ways you can create a more efficient laundry room to save yourself time and effort.

1.) Clothes Hampers are Life Savers.

Clothes hampers let you organize everything into colors. Make sure you don’t get a color mixed in with your whites, and for heavens sake, don’t put that new red shirt in with everything else unless you want pink underwear!

2.) Laundry Racks Save Your Delicates.

Line drying is one of the gentlest ways to get the water out of your delicate satins or dress clothing. Unless you live in a large lot with plenty of outdoor space, finding a spot to string up a clothesline will be nearly impossible. A good laundry rack will fold right up into the wall and let you dry about ten articles at once, even in the smallest apartment. It also lets you save on your electric bill and avoid dumping dollars on dryer.

3.) Fold Those Clothes Immediately

It’s easy for the laundry to get out of control. You clean one batch, throw them in a hamper, and run off to the store, then come back later and throw another load in. Soon enough you have several hampers full of clean but wrinkled clothing. Take those clean cloths and fold them as soon as they come out of the dryer to save yourself a headache later.

4.) Break Up The Job Into Smaller Parts.

When you have a big family the amount of dirty clothing can get out of hand quickly. Assign everyone a day to do a load of clothing. Just doing one a day can keep things under control and ensure you don’t end up having to spend your weekend cleaning instead of enjoying yourself.

5.) Wash Your Bed Linens Once a Week.

That bed starts to feel pretty gross instead of refreshing after about a week and a half of sleeping in it. By washing it once a week you can keep it smelling and feeling fresh to give you and your family a great sleep. Keep a spare set of sheets so you can pull off the linens and replace them if you don’t have enough other clothing to do a full load.

Keeping your laundry room under control can save yourself a ton of headaches later on. Keep these steps in mind and you can find yourself with more time to spare and plenty of clean clothing available all the time.


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