3 Ways To Utilize Your Bathroom Space

Shower Caddies

One of the most cluttered areas of the bathroom is your shower. Your bath showers not only you but your entire family too;  it is unlikely each member of your family uses community hygiene products.  Mom has her special conditioner, dad has his shaving cream, and don’t forget the kids popular cartoon character bubble bath! This can create a clutter of products overwhelming your tub and shower floors. Shower caddies eliminate this problem and come in a variety of choices catering to your family and shower size. A corner caddy is typically constructed with a tension rod made to easily adjust to shower height and provides multiple shelves; this allows a shelf for each family member to organize their products on. There are also individual caddies that provide a place for your bar soap or a single shelf for bachelors or smaller families.

Countertop Organizers

Countertops can also become overwhelmed with hair styling products, make up and tooth brushing needs. Many bathrooms are equipped with a single cupboard sink unit with limited drawer space. We are all familiar with the decorative appearance of a drawer that does not actually open; therefore providing us with no place to hide our dreaded but necessary, grooming mess! Countertop organizers provide individual cubbies, shelves, and drawers to eliminate that mess while adding a decorative element to your bathroom countertop.

Over The Door Household Storage

Every home has doors, so what better way to utilize that space for household storage with over the door racks? There are several types of racks providing storage for different things. Perhaps the most beneficial rack for your bathroom would be an over the door towel rack. There is nothing worse than having an abundance of wet towels with no place to hang them after use. They end up tossed over a chair, on the bed or worse, tossed to the floor. While some racks are strictly for towels, there is an option for hooks that not only provides a place for your towels, but also for a robe or other garments. An over the door rack with shelves creates shelving storage for your bathrooms needs such as: folded washcloths, face towels, and bath products used on rare occasion.



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