Top 5 Easy Steps To Have A Clutter Free Home

You have clutter everywhere. The closets are overflowing with clothes. There is no room for the stack of old magazines in the magazine rack. You have enough video games stacked on the floor to open your own rental store and you know you have a pet cat somewhere but you haven’t seen Fluffy in weeks because of the massive amount of stuff in the house.

The clutter has moved in like an unwelcome tenant getting free room and board. You would like to evict the stuff completely out of your life. Yet it somehow finds a way to make itself useful at the last minute as you get second thoughts about taking it out to the curb. Well, the time has come to put your foot down and get the clutter out of your life before it bogs you down.

Step 1: Decide What Each Room Is in Your Home

Perhaps the reason so many people fail at decluttering their home is because the moment they throw stuff out, they go out and buy new things to replace the missing items. To solve this problem, sit down and decide what each purpose and theme a room has. It is easy to figure out the purpose of common rooms such as the kitchen and dining room. Yet what about that spare room that might have once been an office space but is not the kids’ play room as well as your wife’s craft room? By figuring out the purpose of each room, it allows you to figure out what you need in the room to fulfill that purpose and what stuff can be removed.

Step 2: Decide What Items Are Essential

It’s tough to figure out what is clutter and what stuff you really need. One way to do this is to use the 2-year rule. If you haven’t used or worn the item in the past two years, it is a good chance you don’t need it in your home. Another method to use is the numbers game. Do you really need 5 pairs of scissors when only 2 pairs will be fine? These methods will allow you to get rid of excess and unused clutter.

Step 3: Recycle Items By Donating Them

It is hard to give up some things. While other people may call it junk, you understand that the items are still useful. A way to help declutter the home is to give to others to enhance their lives. First, let close friends and family members go through the clutter and take things they need. Then you know that many important items are with those people you care about. Next, hold a garage/yard sale. For the last of the items, donate them to your local church or Goodwill store.

Step 4: Get Organized

Keeping your home clutter free only works if you have the space to place the items. So invest in bookshelves, bookcases and plastic organizers so the items you do decide to keep have a safe place to be stowed in.

Step 5: Keep A Clear Head When Renting Storage Space

Renting storage allows you to clear out your home of items you want to keep. Yet don’t just transfer all the clutter into the rental storage space because you can’t bear the thought of getting rid of the items. Just like the things in your home, decide what is necessary before putting it into storage. Apply the same rules as above in regards to when the last time was that you used the item. If you don’t see yourself using the stuff in the near future, simply get rid of it.


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