How to Select the Right Dining Décorum for Mealtime

While there is certainly more to a great meal than dining décorum, the tablecloth, placemats and other dining arrangements can make a big difference in the mealtime environment. Following are some tips on choosing the proper décorum for the dining room to ensure that mealtime is a relaxing, pleasant time for everyone.

Selecting a Tablecloth

Ideally, a family should have two tablecloths: one for special meals and one for informal dining. The tablecloth for informal dining should be a color that matches well with and in fact enhances the dining room decor. Light colors are ideal for small rooms; dark colors are great for formal occasions and/or for large dining rooms.

Fabric tablecloths tend to look better than their vinyl counterparts. These are available at various stores in styles ranging from elegant to casual. Lace tablecloths are also quite good looking, especially for small dining rooms. Even so, be aware that they can be quite time consuming to clean.

Using a Silence Cloth

A silence cloth can be placed under a tablecloth to provide insulation against noise. At the same time, this cloth helps to enhance the dining room decor by giving the tablecloth a drapey appearance. A silence cloth is particularly ideal for a large table and/or a table made from a material other than wood.

Selecting Placemats

Placemats should match well with the dining room tablecloth. If the tablecloth has an intricate pattern, then choose placemats that are solid in color. Conversely, placemats with a charming style of decor will match well with a solid colored tablecloth.

Vinyl placemats are generally the best option for most forms of dining. These look good with a vinyl, fabric or lace tablecloth. However, those who are having a formal dinner may want to consider investing in fabric placemats, as they are more formal in nature. Plastic placemats should be reserved for casual outdoor use or for young children.

Implementing the above mentioned tips does not take a lot of time or cost a lot of money; however, doing so can make a big difference in the dining room ambiance. An attractive dining room setup will make the entire family want to come to the table and enjoy mealtimes together, thus bringing the family closer together and enabling family members to bond with each other.


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