Pollen Season is the Reason: Hypoallergenic Bedding Relief

Pollen season. Are there ever two more horrible words for an allergy sufferer to hear? When everybody else is opening their windows to let the warm spring air indoors, you are closing your bedroom windows and locking them tight. Allergy season means months of runny noses, itchy eyes, and non stop sneezing as you struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

Compounding the situation is the allergy medication. Even when it is supposed to be non-drowsy medication, you still walk around like your head is stuffed with cotton when you wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, no amount of coffee can help to relieve the fuzzy feeling as you still have to deal with the return of the allergies once the medication wears off. So you give up on taking the medication as you stock up on tissue boxes that you stack by your bedside.

Hypoallergenic Bedding Relief Has Arrived

What would you say if we were to mention that there really is bedding that can help relieve your allergies? Most people would laugh after sneezing and blowing their nose. Yet, in fact, there is hypoallergenic bedding designed to lessen the amount of pollen and dust mites that settle on your mattress and pillow.

Pollen, pet dander and dust mites are the major factors that cause allergy and breathing problems for people of all ages. These allergens settle on mattresses, pillows and box springs as your sleeping body breathes them in. WebMD reports that dust mite-proof covers seals in the pollen and dust mites already in the mattress so they cannot further aggravate your allergies. These dust covers are made of either plastic or vinyl with a nylon outer covering so you have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Since the covers are easy to clean, you can reduce the amount of allergens breathed in by simply washing them periodically. It’s been found that kids that use this type of hypoallergenic bedding have cut down on the amount of allergy medicine they must use in half.

Using hypoallergenic bedding, routinely washing out bedding and reducing the humidity in the room that can cause dust mite growth can help you get through this allergy season. Sneeze less and sleep more as you will wake up feeling refreshed and in a better mood. You may even throw open the windows when the neighbor is cutting the grass and planting flowers in the planters.

+Paul Reichman is the founder of BedBathStore. Using decades of experience in home fashion, Paul offers quality bed, bath and home furnishings at affordable prices through www.bedbathstore.com.

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