NBA Playoffs Bedding: Sweet Dreams with Winning Teams!

For many kids, sports is a way of life. They might start out kicking a soccer ball around the back yard, or tossing a football around at the park, or shooting baskets and playing pickup games of one on one with their friends using the basketball hoop on the garage. And even those who aren’t especially good at sports develop their loyalties to the teams they watch on television. They might follow statistics and keep track of the best players and teams in the game. But they still have to sleep sometime.

While many parents go out and get their kids bedding that represents a favorite cartoon or superhero these themes often don’t hold for very long. For many it takes no more than a couple years in elementary school and they are looking at their perfectly good sheets and blankets as “babyish” and when the parents stop and think about it, they really can’t disagree. But with sports, the “cool factor” resonates a bit longer, especially when they are donning their beds with NBA Playoffs bedding , NFL Champions or MLB home run hitting bed sets.

Parents can tailor their bedding purchase to the enthusiasm level of their child, and go as simple as getting them a set of pillowcases that sport the logo and colors of their favorite team, or they can add on entire sheet sets, fleece blankets, comforters and sleeping bags. Other room decorations can be added too like banners and posters of favorite players and other basketball themed items.

Kids don’t have to reserve the enjoyment of their bedding for bedtime. Many will want to grab their pillow and watch the games in the living room with the family to bring their team a little extra luck, and the blankets and comforters are excellent materials to create their very own basketball forts. Even in the off season, they can take their sleeping bags out to camp outs and sleepovers so their ready to cheer on their team next year.

For that big kid in your life or if that big kid is you, its ok we won’t tell and you are not alone in your sports enthusiast decor! Throw pillows, the right curtains and matching throw can put together a winning look for grown up and kids rooms alike.

+Paul Reichman is the founder of BedBathStore. Using decades of experience in home fashion, Paul offers quality bed, bath and home furnishings at affordable prices through

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