Hang On! How to Choose The Right Hangers For Your Closet Space.

You’re rushing to get out the door for that important interview. You grab that suit or dress out of your closet and throw it on only to discover it has a gigantic crease right down the middle. Nothing can put you in a foul mood like finding out that your clothing is wrinkled when you don’t have time to fix it. Thankfully, a good set of hangers can keep you looking prim and proper for everyday dress and those special occasions.

The type of clothing matters.

Some clothing can do just fine with wire hangers while others will need thicker or softer hangers to prevent creases from forming. A typical men’s dress shirt will do just fine sitting on that metal hanger, but a suit jacket will need a larger hanger shaped to follow the seams. You’ll typically get one with the jacket if you bought it new, but you can find plenty online specifically for sports or suit jackets if you lost it. A lot of women’s dresses can get creased if placed on wire hangers and can also fall right off if they get jostled at all. Choose larger plastic hangers or use clips to ensure that they stay the hanger and off the floor.

Consider the size of your closet space.

If you’ve got a pair of dress pants you will need either a larger plastic hanger or a metal hanger with a small tube of cardboard on the bottom. Both of these spread out the area touching the clothing, meaning that there is less pressure on the pants which prevents the creases from forming. Thankfully this can actually let you save space in your closet. Try matching your shirts and pants on the hanger to cut the number of items you need hang up. If space is really a problem there are also multi-rod hangers that can let you hang several pairs of pants at once. Clothing clips can be especially useful for the multi-rod hangers by helping to keep the pants in place when you take one of them out.

A few purchases can save you a ton of space in your closet while ensuring you look great for that meeting, interview, or date. With a little bit of time and effort you can turn even a tiny closet into a space-saving marvel for all your clothing.


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