Baby Boom: How to Decorate Your Baby’s Room

When you decorate any other room in your house, style is supreme. Styling your baby’s room is important, too, but don’t lose sight of two other important considerations: safety and stains.

There are many beautiful cribs out there, but safety should trump beauty when you’re choosing a crib. Most importantly, don’t choose a crib with drop sides–they have been shown to be a dangerous safety hazard. Buying a new crib is best, since they are most likely to meet safety standards and be in good condition.

Once you’ve found just the right crib, how do you decorate it? It’s best not to use bumpers or add other decorations that your baby could suffocate on or break off. Your best bet to decorate a crib is a fun, colorful fitted sheet. Just remember that one sheet won’t cut it. Having two or more will make it easier to swap after spit-ups and diaper blowouts.

A wide, flat spot to change your baby’s diapers is a must. A changing table is a great option for many people, but not for all. If you don’t already have a set of drawers for clothes, diapers, and other baby gear, consider getting one with a changing table built into the top. Keep in mind that if you want a set of drawers to last several years, you may want to avoid one with a changing table on top, considering as soon as your child is potty trained, you’ll no longer need it.

A rocking chair is a great piece of furniture to have in your baby’s room. A classic wooden rocking chair looks lovely, but it’s not the most comfortable option. If you love the look of wood, consider getting a chair with a padded seat and arms. There are also many beautiful upholstered rocking chairs with plenty of padding, keep in mind that some upholstery can be difficult to clean (and babies aren’t well known for carefully aiming their spit-ups). If you worry about little fingers being pinched underneath a traditional rocker, consider a glider.

After you’ve picked the essential furnishings, it’s time to have some fun. Hang a cute set of curtains on the windows–just be sure they don’t reach all the way to the floor, where little crawlers could reach. Find a fun wall decal–they’re easy to remove and there’s no risk of a heavy frame falling. Finish it off with a rug soft enough to pad those little knees, but dark enough to hide any stains.


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