Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning gives you a chance to remove winter dust from your house and prepare for sunny and warm weather. The task can be daunting, but a checklist simplifies the process. It also ensures you reach all the nooks and crannies, so follow this spring cleaning checklist as you get ready to spruce up and freshen your home.

Create a Master List of Chores

Whether you have to clean five or 15 rooms, include them all on a master cleaning list. Additionally, list chores within each room, like washing windows, scrubbing carpets, changing filters and wiping out appliances.

Assemble Cleaning Supplies

You definitely don’t want to be motivated to clean only to find you don’t have all the supplies you need.  Cleaning rags, solutions and trash bags are essential, and you also need vacuum bags and filters, oven cleaner and storage bins.

Schedule the Cleaning

Your small apartment may be easy to spring clean in a single day, but a larger home will require at least a weekend. Plan your cleaning to occur either when every family member can help or when you have a chunk of time to dedicate to the task.

Other tips that help you schedule cleaning include completing similar tasks at the same time and staggering tasks. For example, you may want to wash all the windows before turning your attention to the floors. You also probably want to wash the curtains in the morning, which gives them time to dry before you put them back up in the late afternoon.

Remove Clutter

In certain rooms like the office or guest bedroom, you may need to remove clutter before you can get started with the cleaning. Take time to decide if you’ll donate or toss unwanted items, and place the donation bags in the car and trash bags at the curb right away.

Move Furniture

You can’t reach all the nooks and crannies in a room until you move the furniture. Ask a strong family member or friend to help you move heavy pieces away from the walls. Then, you can reach the baseboards, walls and floors.

Reassemble Each Room

The last item on your spring cleaning checklist involves reassembling each room. During this step, you’ll return the furniture and home decor to their spot in each room.  

However, you never know what inspiration will hit as you clean your room from top to bottom. You may decide to turn a spare room into a game room or move the playroom to the basement, so be prepared for these reorganizational projects.

Now’s also a great time of year to switch chairs, side tables and wall decor between rooms. This simple step easily and quickly updates each room’s appearance and takes advantage of your clean house.

Your home will look, smell and feel fresh when you spring clean. Invest a few hours or a few days into cleaning your home with assistance from this checklist. Then, get ready to enjoy your clean house.


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