Sports Rugs Decorate Every Room of the House for Your Favorite Fans

Die-hard sports fans aren’t content to merely watch the games on TV. They wear team jerseys and decorate their homes with sports paraphernalia. Whether you’re the sports fan or live with one, discover ways to embellish every room in your home with sports rugs.  

In the Mud Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a mud room in your home, spruce it up with a sports rug. The rug takes tons of wear and tear as your family stomps in and out of the house, and it reminds you to put on your game face each time you come and go. It also serves as a welcome mat for guests on game day.

In the Den

A relaxing den, whether it’s used for poker night, reading or craft projects, feels more comfortable when it’s decorated with fashionable paraphernalia. Deck out your den with a sports rug. On the floor, it can mark the spot in front of your favorite recliner or provide a nap spot for Fido. It also easily attaches to the wall as a reminder to cheer on your favorite team.

In the Game Room

Celebrate game day with a sports rug. In front of the sofa, it’s soft and flexible as you jump up and down with enthusiasm when your favorite team scores. It also serves as a table runner for the snack and beverage table and gets everyone in the mood to win.

In the Play Room

Your kids are never too young to start enjoying sports and the life lessons they provide. Use sports rugs to cushion the floor in the reading corner, hold the bins used for sporting equipment or showcase the sports your kids like the best.

In the Bedroom

No one wants to jump out of bed and land on a cold hardwood floor. A sports rug provides the perfect layer of insulation. Prevent falls and ensure the rug remains firmly in place when  you attach double-sided rug tape to the back of the rug before laying and securing it to the floor.

In the Kitchen

Standing in front of the stove cooking dinner or by the sink washing dishes can be boring tasks, but you’ll feel more excited when you stand on a sports rug. Place a pad underneath to improve the cushioning the rug provides and then cook or wash dishes for hours in comfort as you daydream about the upcoming sports season.  

In the Dorm Room

If you’re heading to college or know a college student or two, you know that dorm rooms are often bare. Dress them up with a sports rug that serves as a welcome mat or cushions the floor for late-night study sessions.

Every committed sports fan feels an attachment to their favorite game. Decorate every room on the house with sports rugs. They cushion and inspire you every day of the year and help you feel right at home.

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