Six Benefits of Multi-Purpose Futons

Could you use more room in your home? Multi-purpose furniture provides you with extra space you need and ensures all your needs are met. Start your multi-purpose collection with a futon. As a bonus, this piece of furniture offers six benefits that make it an indispensable part of any home.

1. Perfect for any Room

Some furniture pieces, such as a formal dining room table, don’t work in any room of the house. Other pieces, including side tables or nightstands, smoothly interchange between rooms. Futons also transition as a part of any room in your home. Place it in the nursery for story time, in the formal living room for seating or in the spare bedroom for overnight guests. This piece of furniture offers versatility that makes it perfect for any room.

2. Available in Numerous Sizes

You may only need a single bed for your kids or overnight guests. If you need a few extra seats or like to stretch out when you sleep, however, a double bed futon would be a better fit. Likewise, futon bunk beds conserve space in your kids’ bedrooms or dorm room. The beauty of futons comes in part from the numerous available sizes. You can measure your space, test out a few options and buy the size that meets your needs.

3. Fits Into any Space

Compact futons fit into small guest bedrooms and tiny dorm rooms. They also work well in a larger room that features other furniture like a bookcase, armoire and chairs. Equally important, they’re small enough to transport with ease in a small vehicle, a definite bonus when you have to carry them yourself or don’t want to mess with moving a bulky bed or sofa.

4. Lightweight and Easy to Move

When you want to move a futon into a different room, floor or building, you don’t need to hire a band of weightlifters. Simply lift and carry the lightweight futon with minimal help or disassemble it with ease.

5. Opens and Closes Quickly

Stop wrestling with a sofa bed when you’re tired at night or oversleep in the morning. Futons quickly open and close when you need them, two features both you and your guests will appreciate.

6. Versatile and Replaceable Covers

You might be the type of interior decorator who thrives on changing colors and decor regularly. If so, futons make your design preference possible. Futon covers come in dozens of patterns and colors. Select muted shades for a game room, bright tints for a dorm or patterns for a sophisticated space.

Additionally, replaceable futon covers make cleanup easy. From spilled sodas during the big game to muddy paw prints, simply wash and dry a dirty cover instead of buying a whole new sofa or cushions.

Futons do more than multiply your space. They also meet your seating and sleeping needs whether you furnish a dorm room or mansion. Along with colorful futon colors, this multi-purpose piece of furniture is indispensable in your home.

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