Designer Curtains at Ready Made Prices by Softline

Whether you are a professional interior designer or simply a homeowner interested in redecorating a room or two, designer curtains offer substantial benefits. You can create a custom look for your space that gives you a chance to make a room all your own. Additionally, you are able to find window treatments for off the wall sizes and shapes of windows not customarily covered by standard curtains. However, the price tag of most custom curtain offerings is enough to scare you away from this styling option. Instead of forgoing the opportunity to dress your windows to the max, look at the designer curtains available at the Bed Bath Store. In addition to having the luxurious look you desire, you are afforded a more reasonable price tag that lets you pick and choose your favorite linings, colors and lengths.

Lengths to Love

The curtain offerings at the Bed Bath Store feature a wide range of curtain lengths. For instance, we feature curtains with 4” bottom hems, so to give you the opportunity to customize the length of your curtain with a bit of tailoring. You can even tailor the widths of our curtains thanks to our double rolled side hems, which give you leeway in your measurements. Yet most of our curtain panels are uber long so to provide you with the length that will cover the majority of window panels. An added benefit of our super long custom style curtain panels is that you are getting the look of a substantial window treatment even if your window size leaves something to be desired. Don’t hold back; take full advantage of the longer window panels offered as the designer curtains by the Bed Bath Store.

Special Lining Options

Whether you are interested in curtains that are designed for an eco-friendly decor, or you simply want to keep your room warmer during the winter months, our designer curtains are the ideal solution. Check out our thermal linings that are perfect for reducing sunlight and drafts from coming through a window. The powerhouse of window treatments, our thermal backings are highly desirable and even available in our airiest voile fabric curtains. You can also find backings made from faux silk in our designer curtain collection, which gives you the look and feel of raw silk without the high maintenance cost. Your window treatments will look like a million bucks and your home visitors will be none the wiser, while you can smile on the inside thanks to your smart design purchases.

Choosing the Top

One other way that designers and home decorators are able to make their window treatments look more personalized is the through the use of various tops used for mounting curtain panels, valances and other accessories. Here at the Bed Bath Store you will see a variety of tops including grommet, rod pocket, and tabs. The grommets are made from high quality metal and typically featuring a stylish finish, such as antique or brass. These grommets allow for easy installation using a larger width of designer curtain rods, no hooks necessary. Rod pockets are a more traditional approach to curtains and useful for mounting using an existing smaller curtain rod. Tabs give curtains a different look altogether thanks to the looping fabric used to attach a curtain panel or valance to a curtain rod. Typically, buttons or other accenting fobs are used with the tabs for holding a curtain into place, which adds character to a curtain pair.

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