Best of Both Worlds: Sheer Thermal Curtains

Finding a set of curtains that provides both function and decorative factors can be a challenge. After all, most people want their window treatments to frame their decor with a curtain panel that looks lovely. A lightweight voile fabric is optimal for this. Yet curtains that do little more than look pretty are precarious for homeowners hoping to reduce drafts and sunlight that comes through window panels. Now, thanks to sheer thermal curtains, you can have your cake and eat it too. Check out the benefits of, which you can find in a great selection of colors at the Bed Bath Store.

Why Go Sheer?

A sheer curtain, such as these made from voile fabric, offer a lightness that is beloved by window treatment enthusiasts. The breezy fabric will flutter in the breeze, while maintaining a light and airy look for a room decor. Instead of having a heavyweight curtain panel that weighs down a window treatment, a sheer curtain appears light as air and seemingly effortless in its beauty. Particularly during the summer months when you are interested in creating a brighter room by capturing the sunlight from outdoors will you appreciate the look of sheer curtains. However, if you are concerned about sun fading on your floors and furniture, or drafty winds in winter, you will want something more substantial than a mere sheer fabric panel. That is where the additional of thermal backing comes into view.

Thermal Curtain Benefits

By incorporating a thermal backing into your sheer curtain panel, you can create a well rounded and highly prized window treatment. The sheer thermal curtain available at the Bed Bath Store features a backing constructed from innovative thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is certified to provided UV protection. Additionally, the backing will offer you outstanding energy efficiency. The material cuts out cool drafts from coming through windows in the winter and fall.

For hot days, you will find that the thermal backing filters sunlight so to reduce the amount of light coming into your room. This is an ideal solution for those interested in getting a more restful sleep during the day or night. When you are cutting out the light coming into your home unwanted, you are able to maintain a more constant room temperature, thereby increasing the energy efficiency in your home even more. This filtering of sunlight also ensures that your carpeting or flooring, as well as wall paints and furniture, will not fade over time from constant sun bleaching.

Choosing a Multi-Functional Window Treatment

Homeowners, interior decorators and renters interested in making the best of their window treatments through the use of innovative materials appreciate the fashion and function of our sheer thermal curtains. By using a sheer voile facing with a thermal backing, you are giving your window a multi-functional approach to a window treatment. Save money and energy by choosing a window treatment that is ideal through spring to winter, as can be found with the sheer thermal curtains at the Bed Bath Store.


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