4 Ways to Transform an Outdoor Home Living Space into an Oasis

Spring is just around the corner, and soon we’ll be in the full swing of summer. Now is the time to start thinking about preparing to spend time outdoors with your family and friends, or simply for some peace and solitude with nature.

Most of us spend countless hours and much thought in choosing furniture and home living decor for the interior of our homes to match our tastes, personalities, lifestyle, and comfort desires. Yet, it can be just as rewarding and fun to put forth that same effort in creating an inviting outdoor living space, especially since it can be used for three seasons of the year in many parts of the country. With a few adjustments, turning a deck, patio, porch, or yard into a functional, festive, or serene living space is just a few short weeks away.

1) Create Atmosphere with Lighting

Stringing up lights outside is commonplace during the holiday season. But outdoor lights can add ambiance and atmosphere during the warmer months, when many of us will be spending more of our evenings outdoors enjoying the weather. Effectively placed outdoor lights not only sets mood and provides a soft glow, but it can make your outdoor living space safer for you, your family, and your guests.    

2 Fire is a Hot Outdoor Trend

They say home is where the hearth is, and today, that hearth can be located outdoors. Whether you opt for a small fire pit, grand stone outdoor fireplace, a free-standing chiminea, or a few carefully placed tiki torches, the warmth, glow, and ambiance of a fire adds a great focal point to your outdoor living space. An outdoor fire feature has grown in popularity and is one of the newest must-have addition to any outdoor living space. According to a survey by American Society of Landscape Architects, firepits and firepits were ranked as somewhat or very in demand by 97 percent of the respondents.

3) Establish Calmness and Serenity with Water

While an outdoor firepit invites fireside chats, a water feature lends itself to reflection and tranquility. Water features help homeowners make their surrounding more natural, while adding sound and movement to their landscape. What’s more, a water feature, whether it is a simple wall fountain, cascading waterfall, or koi pond, encourages wildlife to frequent your backyard oasis.

4) Invite Socializing with a Cozy Outdoor Living Room

Familiar sitting creature comforts aren’t limited to the inside of a home. Comfy chairs and loveseats complete with outdoor chair and bench cushions and outdoor toss pillows transform an uncomfortable, drab piece outdoor environment into a vibrant and comfortable place to enjoy. Today’s outdoor chair, chaise, and loveseat cushions and outdoor pillows resist mildew, stains, and UV rays to give homeowners many years of enjoyment. Outdoor pillows also add a cozy atmosphere to your outdoor living space.

Including these four elements into your outdoor home living oasis, can not only add value to your home, but it gives you a special place to relax and unwind and unique atmosphere to entertain family and friends

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