Morph your Kitchen into a Vertical Habitat to Increase Both Useful Space and Visual Appeal

Your Vertical Kitchen

Even if your kitchen is super cramped, making use of more vertical areas will help extend your working and living space. TOH ‘s New York City project recommends this as a strategy that can make even tight spaces appear “positively palatial.”

Double Hung Cabinets

Popular kitchens today have the usual row of base cabinets and another of wall cabinets – all at predictable heights. However, you can make your space more exciting with double hung cabinets that may reach all the way to the ceiling.

To create this look, you can add a second set of upper cabinets above existing cabinets.You’ll lneed a stepladder to access the higher regions of your updated kitchen, but the additional storage is well worth the effort.

This Pin shows a country version of double hung space achievement with simple wooden shelving. Crockery and dishes are displayed openly and elegantly and are so very easy to find.

Open Shelving

In another similar example, dishes, cookware and knives are on open shelving with wall fasteners in place of upper cabinets. Knives adhere to the wall with a magnetic strip that can support other metallic cookware items.

Food may also be stored using a vertical solution.The old fashioned country pantry cupboard was no doubt the grandmother of today’s sleek modern versions. Add to this open solution with bins for vegetables and condiments.

Hanging Racks

Hanging racks can be supported by either walls or ceiling. In wall use, bars are hung in parallel above each other. These bars can also support silverware containers as well as hooks for hanging cups, mugs and smaller cooking implements. There are many ceiling racks to choose from — these can accommodate nearly any form of cookware that can be supported by a hook. Pilgrims multitasked their kitchens and had to be very practical and economical in their use of space. They hung just about everything from their kitchen ceilings including dried fruit, herbs, baskets and candles. Use your imagination and bring your kitchen to life.

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