Country Charm in the Kitchen


Since I was a little girl, the kitchen in my Grandmother’s house in the country has always held my sweetest memories.  Grandma was always busy baking and sewing, sometimes simultaneously! Her creativity in the kitchen was not limited to cooking; the cheerful curtains that hung in the windows were handmade by her skillful hands, too. Now, whenever I see country style curtains I think of my beloved Grandmother and the smell of apple pie wafting out of the sunny kitchen windows.

Now that I have a home and family of my own, I want to create the same precious memories for my children.  My husband and I both work full time and are busy with the kids’ school activities, homework and soccer practice.  Our city home isn’t quite the country oasis of Grandma’s house, but why not decorate it with the same charming designs she used? I have seen it done in Better Homes and Gardens and other Home Décor magazines, so I began my search for the perfect curtains. I saw some darling country style kitchens using Buffalo Check fabrics on Pinterest, so I was ready to shop! I had my design in mind, now all I needed was to find the right curtain and stay within my limited budget. With a family of five, budget rules, so with this in mind I began my search.


I looked in many different places for the perfect curtains for my kitchen. Then I found the Bed Bath Store and was pleased to find not only a great selection, but very reasonable prices, too. I finally decided on the York Large Woven Buffalo Check Curtain By Park Designs. The charming red and white check pattern was perfect, and ordering them online from was easy and quick. The curtains arrived in record time, and after a quick pressing I hung them in the kitchen. What a difference! 


Ordering curtains online made me a little nervous. I was worried that the quality might not be very good and that I would have to hassle with returning them, or be stuck with curtains I didn’t like. I was very pleasantly surprised when the box from the Bed Bath Store arrived.  Not only were the shipping costs very reasonable, the box arrived sooner than I expected it would. Opening the box, I held my breath and checked the contents. Wow! I must admit I was a little shocked at what I found. The quality and construction of the curtains themselves was impressive. I had considered trying to make these curtains myself, but being so busy I just couldn’t find the time to do it. The quality of these curtains was even better than I expected, especially considering the price I paid. I have seen similar quality curtains that were much more expensive, so not only was I able to create the look and feel of my Grandma’s kitchen, I did it well below budget. I will definitely be shopping with the Bed Bath Store again!



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