8 Uses for Extra Long Shower Curtains In and Out of the Bathroom

Naturally, extra long shower curtains provide the privacy you need in your bathroom. You don’t have to rely on extra long shower curtains only in your bathroom, though. They work great in other areas of your home as well. Why not enjoy these versatile curtains as you meet needs in almost any room.

1. Conceal an Outdated Bathroom

Chipped shower tiles, ugly bathtub hardware or other outdated bathroom decor no longer need to embarrass you. Hide these features with a long shower curtain. They cover everything and come in beautiful colors that spice up your existing decor and add aesthetic value to your outdated bathroom.

2. Protect Your Elbows

Taking a shower can be hazardous to your health if you find yourself constantly smashing your elbows into the glass door. Rip that door out, replace it with a stretchable curtain and protect your elbows.

3. Create a Private Dressing Room

You definitely need a dressing room if you run a thespian company out of your home. However, if your home doesn’t double as a theater, maybe your kids enjoy playing dress up or you frequently host house guests. Use extra long curtains to create a private dressing room in the corner of a bedroom, basement or play room.

4. Divide a Room

Don’t hire a contractor to build a permanent room division. Simply install tracks that hold extra long shower curtains. They separate arguing siblings, turn part of your living area into a dining room or carve a hobby room from your basement. Wherever you need an extra room, hang extra long curtains.

5. Hide a Closet

Cluttered closets are an eyesore. Hide your clothes, shoes and other personal items from prying eyes when you use a long curtain as a makeshift door. Since it expands, a curtain is more forgiving than a door as it gives you space to stuff your closet to overflowing or allows you to step inside and get dressed.  

6. Build a Loft Hideaway

Fun loft beds do more than open up space on a bedroom floor. With curtains, they become a hideaway for you or your kids. Hang curtains from the ceiling as you spend hours reading, playing or giggling in the loft.

7. Build an Outdoor Shower Area

If you have a pool, kids who like to play in dirt or a gardening obsession, consider building an outdoor shower. In it, you privately remove dirt before entering the house or enjoy cooling off on a hot day.

8. Shade a Sun Room

Warm sunshine helps you relax in your sun room. However, the warm rays you love sometimes become too bright. Use colorful shower curtains to provide beneficial shade. They’re long enough to extend from ceiling to floor with ease.

Extra long shower curtains do more than keep water inside the shower or tub. They also serve unique purposes throughout your home. Put them to use for you today.


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