3 Popular Types of Patio Door Curtains

It’s time to replace your wispy curtains, ill fitting blinds, and makeshift door coverings with solid panels of patio door curtains. Featuring more substantial materials than ever before, you can find curtain panels specially designed for various entryways in your home. Begin with French door curtains in your bedroom along with sliding glass curtain panels for your patio. Improve the energy usage of your home with door panels that are insulated, as you utilize these handy and effortless curtain panels.

Sliding Glass Door Curtain Panels

A tall glass pane in a doorway is an easy way for unsuspecting guests, children and pets to get injured. However, the ability to create a door sized window display of your outdoor space is priceless in terms of natural beauty. Enjoy the best of your sliding glass door by covering it with a curtain panel especially made for this type of treatment. Look for curtain panels with detachable wands that allow you to open and shut your new sliding glass door window treatment with ease. You can also opt for textured curtain panels that add an element of surprise and interest to your decor. For instance, a basket weave texture will fit right in with a patio door that escapes to a tropical themed pool getaway.

French Door Curtains

Insure you have the ultimate in privacy while adding to the romantic feel of your bedroom by including French door curtains in your decorating scheme. Add a feeling of privacy through the sheer fabric used for a French door curtain panel. Meanwhile the ability to tie back your curtain panel gives you a look that is typical of French door curtains. Look for curtains that are available in a range of colors, such as beige, ivory or yellow, so that you can choose the best shade for your space. While French door curtains typically aren’t printed or appliqued, you may likely to find these curtains treated with lace or ruffles for an added flourish.

Insulated Door Panels

For saving costs in your home, while supplementing the security and style you desire, choose insulated patio door curtains. These panels feature innovative materials that insulate glass door panels to such a degree that light, sound and heat find it difficult to escape. You have the chance to enjoy the open air beauty of a glass door panel, while maintaining the level of energy efficiency you wish for in your home. Simply slide back your door panels for a refreshing view of the outdoors, always with the ability to close out gusty winds and the strong summer sun.

Insulated panels are available in a curtain style panel, as well as an insulated sliding door panel. Whereas the curtain panel style offers the look of traditional curtains, insulated sliding door panels are sturdy backed treatments that appear as a mock wall treatment. Give your living room or den a new look by adding the solid back door panel to your sliding glass doorway. You’ll benefit from the conveniences of a sliding glass door and the safety and energy offering of the insulated door panel.

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