Wreaths, Throw Pillows and Snowglobes Scream “Holiday”

Saving money and the holidays might seem like a lost cause, what with all of the high priced gadgets and overly expensive seasonal home accessories on the market. Never fear! You can take back the joy of having an affordable yet fabulously decorated home for the holiday season. All you need is a little time and inspiration from the likes of Pinterest. This week we are focusing on all things jolly for the home from the pins of Pinterest.

Wreath in a Welcoming

To dress your doorway with a wreath is symbolic of a happy holiday home. However, store bought wreaths can be costly and impersonalized. The awesome thing about Pinterest DIYers is that their wreaths are nothing like the plain and ordinary faux greenery in a circular shape sold in department stores. Liven it up by making a wreath of your own. DIY wreaths for Christmas on Pinterest is one of the top picks of Pinners this week as everyone is looking at wreaths made from all natural items, like tree branches and dried herbs. Another popular wreath is one made from an assortment of old Christmas tree ornaments and a lot of hot glue.

Throwing In the Pillow

Throw pillows for Christmas is the latest trend for thoughtful pops of holiday cheer that are used to update a living room or bedroom. From partridges and owls to photos and quotes, throw pillows have become a Pinner’s new obsession. Consider the gifting possibilities of such a throw pillow, not to mention the personalization options you have with these amazing pillows. Pinners feature hand embroidered pillows, as well as those with images printed on fabric, that are ideal for DIYers. While some of the pillows featured are clearly Christmas friendly, most are appropriate for winter all around.

Snow Going Global

Another hot topic on Pinterest this week has been snow globes. Whether you are a collector of zany snow globes, like myself, or you simply want to find an inexpensive way to add sparkle to your decor, take a look at Pinterest snow globes for Christmas. In addition to learning how to make your very own customized snow globe using the likes of miniature figurines and cars, you can also make snow globes using apothecary jars for a more adult oriented style.

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