Types and Features of Non Slip Bath Mats

Keeping yourself and your family safe when bathing is undoubtedly of utmost importance to you. Soap residue, silky hair conditioners, foaming bath bubbles and aromatic bath oils can all make the bathtub or shower stall as slippery as an ice skating rink.


Non slip bath mats are the solution for the entire family, from the very young who are just learning to stand and walk to the elderly who has balance issues. What’s more, non-slip bath mats make sitting on the hard enamel surface of a bathtub much more comfortable, just like fabric shower curtains are softer to the touch when you are undressed.

But what kinds of non slip bath mats should you buy? What features? Here are several types and features for you to consider.


Extra Long and Non Skid. Provide ultimate security to your family when bathing by using a extra long and wide safety bath mat.

Anti-bacterial and Mildew Resistant. By choosing a mildew resistant and anti-bacterial bathtub mat, will help your bath mat last for many years. Not only that, but it is a safe and clean solution for your household as damp shower floors can be breeding grounds for bacteria, mildew, and even mold.


Washable. Even though you clean your bathtub regularly, you may still need to wash your bath map. A washable vinyl bath mat is convenient because it is machine washable, just like fabric shower curtains.


Constructed with Suction Cups. Ideally, non slip bath mats and shower mats should be constructed with suction cups. These dome shaped suctions cups ensure that non slip bath mats stay securely in place. They are also soft and comfortable on your feet.


Kid-Friendly. Scatter a set of floral-shaped, rainbow colored textured bath tub treads and not only reduce the chance of slipping, but are ideal for kids. Simply press the textured flowers in place on a dry clean bathtub before your next shower. It’s as easy as that.

While decorating your bathroom is indeed the fun part, it is vital to put safety for you and your family first. Do so, by investing in  things like grab bars and non slip bath mats for both your bathtub and shower stall.

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