Spicing Up Bathroom Decor

Remodeling your entire bathroom can be quite costly, especially if you replace all of the fixtures. Fortunately, you can breathe some fresh air into your bathroom decor without taking on a complete renovation. Below are a few simple, inexpensive redecorating tips you can use to make your bathroom feel new and modern for an affordable price.

1. Add some storage.

Reducing clutter in your bathroom makes it feel both larger and cleaner. To get rid of clutter, consider installing a hanging cabinet or shelving system above the toilet or bathtub. Shelves and cabinets are ideal for storing virtually anything that keeps the bathroom looking messy, from towels and lotions to extra rolls of toilet paper.

2. Change out towels and rugs.

If you want to change your bathroom’s color scheme but you don’t feel like repainting the entire room, choose some new towels and rugs that work well your existing wall colors. To make the bathroom more comfortable, consider choosing rugs made from memory foam. Since bathrooms are one of the most frequently-visited rooms in the house, machine washable rugs are also a wise choice.

3. Install a new toilet seat.

Toilet seats that are worn or discolored can make your bathroom seem old and  dirty even when it isn’t. If your toilet seat isn’t looking its best, consider replacing it to make the entire fixture seem new again. Toilet seats are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so shop around for the perfect piece before you make a choice.

4. Update your accessories.

If your bathroom accessories, such as your toothbrush holder, tissue cover and soap dish, are outdated, replace them with new ones to give the room a whole new ambience. Be sure that the theme you choose fits well with the color of your walls, as well as the design of your towels and rugs.

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