Lace Kitchen Curtains and the Feminine Touch

According to Old House Online lace curtains were used on windows long before Queen Victoria ascended the throne and they are still a common form of window dressing today. When most people think of having lace curtains in their home they think of rooms that they may have them in, such as the living room, the dining room or the bedroom. Many do not think of having them in the kitchen. Lace kitchen curtains are becoming more and more popular. If you are a practical type of person you may not consider this, but there are many women who love the ultra feminine look throughout her home and that includes the kitchen.

The most popular color for lace curtains is white or ecru, an off white. You may see them in other colors as well. There is a wide variety of lace patterns to choose from in lace curtain patterns. Some of the more common type of lace patterns include sea shells, lighthouses, pinecones, flowers and more.

When shopping for your lace kitchen curtains think of the color and the style that you want before you go out the door. This will make your shopping trip that much easier. Generally people are not looking to block out their light in the kitchen, but to bring in more light to their home. Lace curtains are a great choice in that respect. People who do have lace curtains in their home generally install a shade behind it for nighttime privacy.

To add to the femininity of the kitchen you may want to purchase a lace tablecloth to match the curtains. Accessorizing the room with other “soft touch” items will increase the “girliness” of the room as well. Some common items include table decorations with butterflies, pearls and beach glass. Whatever you choose you will find that a few delicate items will add the finishing touch to your “feminine” kitchen.

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