High Tech Hookless Shower Curtains Make Washing Time a Breeze

The most dominant visual element in your bathroom is your shower curtain

One of the most noticeable elements of your bathroom is your shower curtain. A new feature you may not be aware of is the hookless shower curtain. Not only is it available in fresh designs and colors, its revolutionary fastening mechanism makes hanging it and taking it off for cleaning truly simple. I am not one of the most coordinated people and have always felt it difficult struggling with the clip in ring fasteners. Fortunately, that’s no longer necessary.

My favorite design is The Leopard Animal Print Hookless Fabric Shower Curtain with liner that easily snaps onto the fabric shower curtain. This hookless design features built-in shower rod holes rimmed in brown. Save money by eliminating the need to purchase shower curtain hooks. The curtain can be washed and then tumble dried or if you prefer you can line dry them outdoors for a fresh smell.


Renewing sink counter and wall surfaces can be inexpensive

While you are in an updating mood, take a good look at your bathroom overall. Is it a bit dreary? Perhaps it’s just the right time to do a mini makeover. Take stock of what needs to be done. Many chores such as super cleaning and recalking are easy. You can do more dramatic things too, like repainting counter surfaces and sink bowls.  The painting process requires some surface preparation and multiple coats, but in the long run is much less expensive than getting a new sink; especially since no plumber is required.

If your bathroom tiles look dull and could use a lively transformation, you need not call in a tile expert. With the right materials you can repaint ceramic surfaces to look brand new.

Colorful textile touches can integrate your new look

A colorful towel display will perk up the mood of your bathroom. Invest in some soft new towels that will make your bathing experience luxurious while harmonizing your colors.  Don’t forget an easy to wash, yet sumptuous feeling bathmat.  Use a variety of colors and a bit of repeating to tie it all together. Try Bed bath Store for some intriguing home decorating ideas.



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