Reasons to Use Slipcovers

The couchin your living room has an outdated pattern you’ve hated for years. It seems a shame to throw it out because it’s still in good shape, but you’re at the end of your rope. Fortunately, an easy, affordable option is available: cover your furniture with slipcovers. For a fraction of the cost of buying a new couch, you can update its look and give the entire room a much-needed makeover.

Here are other top reasons to use slipcovers, beyond their affordable price.

No Heavy Move

Even without taking the price difference into consideration, it’s much easier to get a slipcover home than it is to drag out an old couch and haul in a new one.

Kid Proof

As any parent can attest to, keeping upholstery clean is easier said than done with children around. Slipcovers are a practical way to prevent stains from ruining a perfectly good piece of furniture, especially a light-colored one. If an accident occurs, simply remove the cover and throw it in the wash, an almost impossible suggestion for regular upholstery.

Pet Proof

The main reason to keep Fido off the couch is that he could dirty up the upholstery. Keep your friendly pooch close without risking damage to the furniture with a pet throw slipcover. This option has a more temporary look to it than other types of slipcovers since it doesn’t cover every inch of visible upholstery. The thick, durable fabric is easy to care for and also catches food and drink spills like a champ.

Casual Look

Most slipcover styles lend themselves to a casual feel, especially if you choose a throw slipcover (pictured). This loose-fitting option makes the furniture feel lighter and breezier without looking messy.


If you want light, airy fabrics in the warmer months and cozier, dark fabrics when it’s cooler outside, your desire is easy to accomplish with a quick slipcover switch. Change out throw pillows to match the new slipcover and it’s as if you bought a whole new set of furniture.

Tailored Look

You’ve probably some slip-covered couches that look a little less put together, but as long as you choose the right style and size for your couch, you can achieve a tailored appearance that doesn’t look like a slipcover at all. For example, fitted slipcovers are custom made to specific sofas, loveseats and armchairs of specific dimensions so they fit like a glove.

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