How to Create a Tropical Spa Retreat with Shower Curtains

After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be nice to relax in a spa at home? By transforming your existing bathroom into a tropical retreat, you’ll be able to take a spa day whenever you want. One of the most effective ways to transform a bathroom into an ocean paradise is by changing the shower curtains. Here are some examples of ways you can utilize shower curtains for an instant makeover from a boring bathroom to a bathroom you want to spend time in.

Go Big and Bright

If you want to evoke the look of the Caribbean, make your bathroom pop with vivid colors and fun prints. For example, you can bring the ocean bottom up to shore with a boldly colored tropical themed shower curtain. Look for tropical shower curtains and bath accessories in turquoise blue, emerald green and sunny yellow. Pops of red, orange and blue come out in the marine life including schools of fish and coral reefs. Search for bath accessories mimicking ocean life, such as fish shaped soap dispensers and coral reef inspired rugs. Adding these brilliant hues to your bathroom will immediately capture your senses and carry your mind off to a sandy shore dotted with seashells and sand castles that overlook a busy bay.

Prep in Your Place

Interested in creating a more conservative spa worthy bathroom? Opt for a classic nautical theme featuring a strong navy blue and taupe print. Embellish the space with a shower curtain detailed by anchors and lighthouses. For a more preppy style, you might prefer to go with Hampton style bathroom accessories rather than tropical shower curtains and bath accessories. This more upscale shower curtain might focus on the geometric shapes of seashells across an expanse the color of sand.

Whatever your personality, whether you like a vibrant retreat or a more mellow space, you can create your own custom bathroom spa atmosphere in a cinch. Let the Bed Bath Store help you along the way as you choose the most appealing tropical shower curtains and bath accessories for your needs.

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