Avoid Bathtime Fights With Bath Decor

Almost every kid reaches an age where bath time becomes a nightly fight. He has better things to do, he’d rather watch more television, his Lego creation isn’t finished yet. No matter what the reason, the nightly bath battle can wear a parent out.

One way to help defuse this nightly battle is to let your child have some say in decorating the family bathroom. If he has a chance to create something "cool," he’s more likely to see the environment as somewhere he wants to be, instead of somewhere to avoid. It all depends on your child’s interests and passions. Kids get obsessed about things, whether it’s dinosaurs, the Wild West or ballerinas. Use your creativity and imagination to come up with a bathroom design that ties in with these interests, to make the kids bath look like it’s truly his.

If you’re planning to decorate a kids bath for a toddler or smaller child, invest in some specific decorator items made for little ones. Top the toilet with a soft, cushioned potty seat to make potty training a more pleasant experience. Hygiene is important, so add a coordinating step stool so that your toddler can reach the sink to brush his teeth and wash his own hands. Little ones have accidents, so make sure the water cup is made of plastic, instead of a glass like you would have in an adult bathroom. Cover the floor with soft rugs to keep little toes from getting chilly when they get out of the bath, and to prevent wet feet from slipping on slick tiles.

One adorable way to decorate a children’s bathroom is to take a motif from his favorite tub toy and repeat it throughout the room. Every kid in the world has had a rubber duck or two, but what about floating frogs? Choose a shower curtain, rug, and even sink accessories like a plastic cup all designed with a froggy motif to tie in with his toys. Little boys who are hooked on cars and trucks will appreciate a bathroom filled with four wheeled decor, from wallpaper to rugs. It may not be to your liking, but decorating a child’s bathroom to his taste can be a way to avoid those bath time blues.

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