4 Easy Bathroom Makeover Tips

Wish your bathroom felt more like a day spa and less like it was stuck in a retro time warp? The good news is that you don’t need to rip out tile and install state-of-the-art fixtures to transform your bathroom’s appearance. Upgrading small touches, like the shower curtain rods and shower mats, can make a big impact on your overall space. Plus, you can complete your transformation in just a few hours – no messy, never-ending remodel required.

Not sure where to get started? Our four bathroom makeover tips will get your creative juices flowing:

#1: Pamper your feet.
There’s nothing enjoyable about stepping out of the shower onto a cold tile floor. Upgrade your space with wall-to-wall bath carpeting, like the durable, long-lasting pile options from Mohawk Mills and Madison. These high-tech carpets are soil and stain resistant and engineered to wick away moisture from your feet without the risk for mold or mildew. Goodbye cold hard tiles, hello softness!

#2: Expand your shower space.
Does your tub feel a bit cramped? Swapping out your old shower curtain rod for a curved adjustable shower curtain rods will instantly make your shower space feel larger. While the bathtub itself won’t get any bigger, the curved curtain rod creates the illusion of more space without a major remodel. Thanks to the top curvature, you’ll have more space where you need it most, including the arms and shoulders.

curved adjustable shower curtain rods

#3: Express your creative side.
Decorating a bathroom can be tricky, especially if you want to experiment with bold colors or a graphic design. Rather than painting or retiling, simply add a colorful new shower mat. With designs ranging from soft, nature-inspired prints to bold circles and flower cutouts, new shower mats will instantly add stylish flair to your space.

#4: Coordinate accessories.
Is your toothbrush holder an old glass from your alma mater, your shower curtain hooks brushed nickel and your sink’s fixtures brass? Too many different finishes can clash and draw attention to outdated details. Thanks to bath accessory sets, it’s easy to create a unified, matching look. If you are choosing a metallic finish for your accessories, be sure that they match the shower curtain rods and rings. If your bathroom already has a few bold colors, consider a brushed nickel or clear Lucite finish.

From shower mats to adjustable shower curtain rods, bathroom accessories are like jewlery for your bathroom. A coordianted look is polished and sophisticated – and a great way to hide that unsightly retro tile!

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