Outdoor curtins for patios provide privacy and style

Outdoor drapery panels can make a patio or deck feel as intimate and inviting as any room indoors. On summer days, nothing looks more refreshing than the sight of airy outdoor curtains for the patio billowing gently in the soft summer breezes. They not only provide privacy and color, but they also protect your family and your patio furniture from too much sun.

Selecting outdoor drapery panels is easy. You want outdoor curtains for patio and other yard areas to be casual and easy to open and close, so often grommet top curtains are a good choice. Velcro tab tops are another good choice for hanging, because the Velcro makes it easy to hang your outdoor drapery panels in the spring and just as easy to take them down at the end of the season.

White is the most common color, but outdoor drapery panels also come in cool blues and greens, and fun patterns such as cabana stripes or leafy prints. Check the fabric though, to be sure it will stand up to the elements without rotting. Kevin O’Connor has advice on selecting fabrics for outdoors in this article on ThisOldHouse.com. Woven acrylics and marine fabrics last longer than cotton or polyester, which will deteriorate quickly.


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