Transition to a Toddler Room

Many parents spend a lot of time and money creating the perfect nursery for their babies. However, babies really do not need a lot to be happy and content. One thing that is not often considered is transitioning from the nursery to the “big boy or girl room.” Luckily, if you invest in a few simple items, like wooden bed risers and plastic mattress covers, you can make the transition easier on both your child and yourself. Consider these important items when you put together your toddler’s room.

Wooden Bed Risers

Wooden bed risers are a great option for toddler’s rooms. If you are using bed rails anyway, the risk of falling is minimized and you can create low-to-the-ground storage underneath the bed. This is very important for little ones who have a lot of toys, clothes and other items that require storage.

Plastic Mattress Covers

Plastic mattress covers are another must-have. Even if your child is potty trained, there are bound to be accidents. A simple mattress cover can keep your child’s bed from being ruined and save you a lot of money over time! There are tons of options now too, so you can find one that fits and creates a comfortable experience.

Easy-to-Access Shelving

Your child is getting to the age where he or she will want to start “helping mommy” and putting away some toys. If you provide open shelving or bins that is easy to reach, you will find it is much easier for your child to keep those toys put up and out of the way.

Safe Window Coverings

There is a lot you have to consider when choosing curtains or other window coverings. However, when dressing your child’s windows, safety is the first concern! Spend time choosing window coverings that not only look good but do not pose a risk to your child’s well-being.

These are just a few of the things you want to keep in mind when you start changing the nursery to a toddler room. If you choose your items carefully, you can help create a room that will serve your child well today, as well as for years into the future. 



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