How to Clean Rocking Chair Cushions

Whether your rocking chair is a central part of your living room decor or an added bit of comfort in your bedroom, wear and tear will eventually mean you have to remove and clean the rocking chair pads. Babies have accidents, children spill drinks and adults sit down in less-than-clean clothes. With this wide variety of cleaning problems, how do you make your rocking chair cushions look and smell fresh and clean? The key is to check the fabric tags, and care for it according to the fabric.

Some padded rocking chair cushions are filled with stuffing that doesn’t do well after being soaked in water. No matter what additives you may have in the washing machine, they are either too dense or too delicate to withstand machine washing. These pads can be spot cleaned by using a nail brush and a tiny bit of dish soap to get rid of the stain. Once the rocking chair pads are clean, blot the soap residue from the surface with a damp cloth and set them outside to air dry.

Other rocking chair pads are made of more family-friendly materials and can be frequently washed in the home laundry. Add a cup of baking soda to the wash to help prevent mildew in the padding during the drying process. Wash the pads on the gentle cycle, then hang them outside to air dry. Keep out of the sunshine to prevent the colors from fading.

If you’re still worried about getting your rocking chair cushions wet, turn them over to your local dry cleaner. They’ll turn your old cushions fresh and new without any worry about mildew, sun fading or fabric colors running.

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