Four Things To Do With A Spare Bedroom

Whether your kids have moved out or you simply have an extra room in the house, you may be stumped as to what to do with the room. Here are four ideas to try.

Guest Room
This is the most obvious solution, and it is perfect if you live in a location that people love to visit. It’s also ideal if you have friends or family who live far away. Get yourself a good guest mattress, a simple headboard and a nice set of bedding and make up a cozy, comfortable place to welcome friends and family.

Home Gym
It doesn’t matter if you prefer to pump iron or are more into yoga, a spare bedroom often makes the perfect home gym. Outfitted with a good sound system, workout equipment and maybe a TV (for watching exercise DVDs, of course) your extra space can be a good place to get some exercise. If you’d like to go further, you can swap out your flooring with some bona fide rubber gym flooring.

Meditation Room
Keep the furnishings spare. Consider a small water feature for soothing sounds and candles for light. Maybe a sound system if you like to mediate with music or a meditation CD. A comfortable floor cushion and some light-filtering curtains or shades are really all you need.

Craft Room
A good worktable, shelving for supplies, and both ambient and task lighting are a good foundation for just about any type of hobby or craft, from sewing to model-building.

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