Four Little Bedroom Luxuries

Adding luxury to the bedroom doesn’t have to mean going to extremes. There are many little touches that anyone can add to their space that will offer a bit of luxury without costing a lot of money or taking a lot of time.

Mattress Cover
How can a mattress cover be a luxury? Look for covers that offer pillow tops, memory foam or other padding. These can make your bed more plush, which make it feel more luxurious. It’s an affordable way to upgrade your mattress a replacement is not in the budget.

A Soft, Light Blanket
Whether it’s a throw blanket to wrap around you while you read or watch TV or a bed-sized version to take the chill off at night, a lightweight blanket in a great material like silk or cashmere is a perfect little luxury. Shop white sales, outlets and clearance racks to get great deals.

Backrest Pillow
A substantial pillow used just to sit back and relax in bed is a purchase you’ll never regret, especially if you spend a lot of time watching TV, reading or using your computer there. These pillows offer great support, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Luxury Sheets
Silk or Egyptian cotton sheets make getting into bed even more of a pleasure. A good set of sheets will get softer with time and will last longer than cheaper versions. Look for a thread count of 600+ for cotton and 400+ for silk.

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