Adding A Layer Of Comfort To The Bedroom

Your bedroom is your retreat; the one place you can go to get away from the pressures of life—or at least it should be. You can make your space more comforting by doing a few small things. Here are some ideas for creating a warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in your room.

Keep Furnishings Simple And Functional
Less is more in the bedroom. A bed, dresser and side tables are all most rooms need. The extra “space” will make the room feel spacious and relaxing, not cluttered and claustrophobic. Larger rooms may be able to accommodate a chaise or chair and small table, creating a cozy reading nook.

Use Soothing Colors
Earth tones, neutrals and soft colors are the most calming and soothing. Blues and soft yellows work well, as do shades of taupe, brown and cream. Avoid overwhelming, “exciting” colors like red or other deep hues. You can use those as accents if you really love them.

Make Your Bed
As the focal point of the room, your bed can set the tone for the entire space. Pile on comfort and softness with padded mattress covers, soft sheets and a plush comforter. Throw pillows will add an extra layer of softness for good measure.

Choose The Right Lighting
If it’s a comfortable, soothing space you’re trying to create, lighting is key. Bright, harsh light may be good for reading or other tasks, but it’s not relaxing. Opt for lower wattage bulbs and light-diffusing lampshades to create the right atmosphere.

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