Create A Cozy Screened Patio

A screened-in patio can become a warm and cozy oasis with a few embellishments. Here are a few tweaks and tricks that you can use to make the most of your outdoor room:

Create an intimate feeling with outdoor curtains. Hang them by the pair in the outer corners of your patio. They’ll soften the edges the space and give it a more room-like feel.

Group chairs together to create conversation areas. Two or three chairs placed around a small coffee table makes for a comfortable space for guests to gather. Sprinkle a few around the space to give a resort-like feel.

Use plants to fill in empty space. Coziness is a sense of closeness. Open spaces detract from that, but potted plants can fill in those gaps without making things feel crowded. They also soften the space and add needed color. You can use plants in planters on the floor, and you can also use seasonal hanging baskets to add color.

Don’t forget the throw pillows. Piling on soft pillows creates a cozy atmosphere and can add some color and texture to your space.

Consider an outdoor area rug. Not only will it help define seating areas, it will soften the outdoor space and help to foster a cozier, more intimate-feeling space.

Use soft lighting. Outdoor lamps, string lighting and landscape lighting create a warmer, softer glow than typical harsh outdoor lights. The more soothing light will make the space feel more like the indoors.

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