Why Wicker?

When you’re considering the different options available for your outdoor furniture, don’t rule out wicker too quickly. This versatile material is the workhorse of the patio decor world. No matter what style you prefer, chances are there is a wicker set out there that will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s Versatile
Wicker lends itself well to many different styles of decor, from traditional to modern. It blends beautifully with other materials like wrought iron and wood, so a wicker piece can be easily added to an existing patio set.

It’s Durable
Despite its reputation for being fragile, wicker is actually quite durable. Whether made from natural or synthetic materials, wicker can stand the test of time. Proper care and storage during the off season will ensure that your outdoor wicker patio furniture will last for years. If the color fades or you tire of it, you can also freshen it up by painting it and replacing the cushions.

It’s Lightweight
Wicker’s light weight makes it ideal for climate where your patio furniture hibernates for the winter. Unlike materials like iron and teak, wicker is relatively easy to pick up and move. With wicker, there will be one less chore to dread with the changing seasons.

It’s Timeless
Wicker stands the test of time. It’s been used for generations, indoors and out. No matter what patio furniture trends come and go, wicker remains. Choose a wicker patio set and it will always be in fashion, year after year.

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