The Care And Maintenance Of Outdoor Cushions

If you’ve just purchased new patio furniture or have recently updated your outdoor cushions, you’ll want to protect your investment by taking the time to care for your things properly.

Your outdoor cushions are constantly exposed to the elements. Sun and rain can, over time, damage or cause them to look old and worn out. Proper care will ensure that they look as good as new for a long time.

As a rule, you should follow the manufacturer’s instruction label for the care and cleaning of your cushions. Depending on the fabric used, your cushions (or their covers) can be thrown in washer, washed with mild soap and cold water, or spot-cleaned only.

Many outdoor cushions only require a regular rinse with cool water to loosen dirt and keep it from getting down into the fabric, followed by a wash with mild soap every month or so. Any spills should be handled quickly with a spot clean to prevent staining. Always allow the cushions to air-dry completely before using again. It’s important to keep your cushions clean as this will help them inhibit the growth of mildew, which imbeds in dirt.

At the end of each summer, wash your cushions and allow them to dry completely before storing them away for the winter. The ideal outdoor cushion storage is a container made expressly for this purpose. Outdoor storage boxes are made to hold cushions and other outdoor accessories, protecting them from the elements until spring.

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