Slipcovers: A Primer

Slipcovers are an inexpensive and easy way to perk up tired furniture and give your whole room a fresh new look. They are also a great way to protect brand new furniture from soil and stains.

What Is A Slipcover?
A slipcover is a fabric cover that goes over existing furniture. There are two types of slipcovers: fitted and non-fitted. Fitted slipcovers conform to the exact shape of the furniture, giving the look of a factory cover. Fitted versions can have two pieces, including a separate cover for the bottom cushions, giving a custom-fitted look. Non-fitted, or throw, slipcovers, hang loosely to the floor, giving a casual, unfussy look.

Fabrics And Colors
Slipcovers come in a variety of fabrics and colors, allowing you to create many different looks. Velvet couch slipcovers will give you a more formal look than a cotton duck version would. Other fabrics like jersey or twill can bridge the gap between formal and casual. Colors range from go-with-everything neutrals to jewel tones to subtle stripes and floral patterns.

Slipcover Care
The care of your slipcover will depend on the fabric, but many ready-made versions are machine washable. Some may be able to go in the dryer while others require line drying. Air drying is recommended to prolong the life of your cover as well as to prevent possible shrinking.

Other Slipcovers
While many slipcovers are made for sofas, there are covers available for recliners and wing chairs as well as for dining room chairs.

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