Outdoor Furniture: What It’s Made Of

Patio furniture comes in a variety of materials and styles. Choosing the best type for you requires a little bit of research, as different materials need different care and have varied life spans. Here’s an overview of the common types of materials used in outdoor furnishings.

Aluminum patio furniture is rust-resistant and very easy to clean. It’s lightweight and will last for years with proper care.

Wrought Iron
This type of furniture is very heavy and substantial. Wrought iron is usually finished with a powder coat, which can invite rust if it becomes chipped, so it must be checked regularly and chips should be repaired immediately. This furniture can be washed with soap and water.

Outdoor wooden furniture comes in many varieties, including pine, cedar and mahogany. The ideal, but expensive, wood for patio use is teak. Teak is hard, long-lasting and resists warping. It ages to a beautiful silvery patina or it can be sealed regularly to maintain its original color. In fact, all woods will retain their original color with proper sealing. The softer woods such as pine and cedar are less expensive than teak but don’t last quite as long.

Wicker refers to a technique rather than a material. Natural wicker is made from plant material like bamboo or willow, but is most often made from rattan. Wicker can also be made from synthetic materials. Natural wicker should be vacuumed using a brush attachment, and then washed with soap and water with a soft sponge.

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