Indoor/Outdoor Pillows: A Kid And Pet-Proof Option

As much as you love your children and your pets, they can be hard on your lovely decorator items. There are two ways you can avoid having beloved (and expensive) pieces ruined by crayon squiggles or cat claws: Don’t have those things in your home or buy items that are tough enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Indoor outdoor pillows are an excellent example of a decorative item that can survive just about anything. These pillows are covered in tough, weather-resistant fabric that is made to shrug off heat, sun and rain and still look good. If they can make it through all that, they can stand up to your three-year-old.

But just because they are strong doesn’t mean they aren’t pretty. Indoor outdoor pillows are available in a rainbow of colors and plethora of patterns. If you can’t find something that will enhance your décor, chances are you’re not looking hard enough. From brights to pastels, from stripes to damask, there is something that will work in your space.

These tough pillows come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so they can be used in just about any decorating scheme, whether it’s traditional, modern or something else. They’re also available as floor pillows, which are excellent for kids’ and teens’ rooms as well as for family rooms.

Consider switching your throw pillows to indoor outdoor versions. They will blend beautifully with your existing décor and they’ll stand up to whatever your family can dish out.

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