Freshen Up Your Patio Fast

Giving your patio a new look is really as easy as flicking your wrist. How can that be? All you have to do is change cushions on your outdoor furniture. The hardest part may be just choosing those new cushions.

Outdoor living has become such a part of our lifestyles in the warm months that there are many options available when it comes to outdoor cushions. Elegant neutrals and subtle textures. Bold brights and classic patterns. Whatever your taste or style, you can find just the right cushion to transform both your patio furniture and your patio as a whole.

A new set of cushions can bring new life to your old patio set. Instead of picking out a whole new grouping, you can clean and repair what you’ve got. Try painting your set a new color with weatherproof paint, then top off  the pieces with some great new cushions, and suddenly everything old is new again.

Replacement cushions allow you to be more creative than you could be when buying brand new outdoor furniture. You can mix and match your cushions to create all kinds of looks. Pair some bold-colored sofa cushions with graphic patterns in the same or a similar color, and you’ve got a designer look with almost no effort. Try adding in a few coordinating throw pillows for a finishing touch.

If your cushions are in good shape but you want to update their look, outdoor cushion slipcovers are a good alternative.

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